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Audience analytics

Social media data improves knowledge of your audience: demographics, psycographics, interests, behaviours & affinities

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Audiences Research

Gain greater knowledge of an audience of interest, whether customers, prospects, members of a community, or followers of your Social Media channels. A platform and methodology that allow you to infer variables from an audience and gain insights of great value from market trends, competition, and communication and marketing strategies that work best.

Social Targeting & micro-segmentation

The information obtained from social media channels with our Platform allows you to build segments according to multiple parameters: demographic, psychographic, interests and affinities. In this way more precise segments can be activated in social and media campaigns and other marketing channels.

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Know your audience, be more precise

The digital strategy puts the customer in the center, knowing the customers and prospects better and in greater detail is of vital importance. The analytics that we obtain from social networks allows us to help our clients in their research projects and in their marketing strategies.