Specialized Social Media Analytics solution



Monitoring in real time which allows for all relevant conversations to be collected, in their contexts, in order to obtain information of value with detailed metrics and intuitive charts.



Visualization of social media data and metrics, which make the visualization of trends, peaks and correlations possible, in a dynamic, fast and flexible, and very powerfu manner.



Methodologies and professional services for analysis which allow for in-depth research based on demographic data, factors of influence, historical analysis, sentiment and dynamic and intelligent reports.



Integration ready to use with other data sources, such as web analytics, marketing platforms and CRM solutions to reinforce Social CRM projects and integrate social data with other applications of the company.

Clients & Partners

In Brandchats, we offer services and specialized solutions to clients from very diverse areas.

We work with advertising and communication agencies, as well as with numerous brands. We are pleased to show you some of our clients.

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Social Media Monitoring

The construction of a solid brand in real time within the current business environment requires a strong social media monitoring strategy. Social Media Monitoring endeavors to locate conversations relevant for your brand and clients in online media.

Brandchats make it easy to understand when people talk and participate actively in social dialogue.


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